(SSBI) Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Transformation raw data into meaningful and useful information.

We at Axertek delivers a comprehensive, self-service business intelligence environment that offers analytics sophisticated enough to statisfy data scientists, while being easy-to-use and approachable enough for business users.

Our custom an easy to use "SSBI" the end users are empowered to independently satisfy their own information needs. With self-service BI, non-technical professionals can generate their own reports, run their own queries, and conduct their own analyses, without the assistance of IT staff. There are many benefits that can be derived through the implementation of a self-service BI system. Functional workers can make faster, better decisions because they no longer have to wait during long reporting backlogs. At the same time, technical teams will be freed from the burden of satisfying end user report requests, so they can focus their efforts on more strategic IT initiatives.

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