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Data Visualization & Mining

Extract valuable information from your data and make better decisions.

We help organizations make better data-driven decisions and improve efficiency. Axertek works hands-on with companies to research and develop their technologies and strategy, primarily by finding opportunities in networks and physical equipments. We help our clients understand, communicate and leverage their data assets through static and interactive data visualization dashboard, interfaces and analytical tools that provide comprehension, insight and engagement.

We are ready to help you extract valuable knowledge from your data. We use web interfaces for visual analysis, or perform programmatic analysis using our XML-based Web API. Among other services, we also offer custom analysis solutions. We are passionate about distributed computing, data mining algorithms, applied statistics, and data visualization. But foremost, we are passionate about bringing to you the strategic advantages that Business Intelligence and Data Mining can offer.

  • Visualize sales data by demographics
  • Predict future sales levels
  • Reveal root causes behind product defects
  • Compare populations across dimensions
  • Visualize large product inventory data
  • Extract relationships between survey answers
  • Discover patterns in incident reports
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Assist in product recommendations


Communicating wider context in a summarized visual form.

Axertek make it easier for the web users to grasp difficult concepts by communicating wider context in a summarized visual form. The lengthy reports, statistics and super long descriptions are by no means in the best interest of a busy society. Infographics and Data Visualization are both great time savers and allow users to easily share information on their own blogs and on social networks.

We ensure the maximum appeal and comprehension in order to leave a most memorable imprint in the viewer’s mind.

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