Software Prototyping

Software Prototyping & UML

Refining functionality, detecting potential issues and setting right priorities.

We at Axertek develop at an early stage a prototype of the final product making it useful in development of systems having high level of user interactions such as online systems. Systems which need users to fill out forms or go through various screens before data is processed can use prototyping very effectively to give the exact look and feel even before the actual software is developed.

Software that involves too much of data processing and most of the functionality is internal with very little user interface does not usually benefit from prototyping. Prototype development could be an extra overhead in such projects and may need lot of extra efforts.

Simulate business processes
Software behavior can drastically affect your business performance. This verifies that workflows run smoothly and are user-friendly before investing into the costs of full development.

Minimize risks
Avoid requirement misunderstandings or communication barriers before they turn into unexpected losses. Prototyping guarantees that you pay for the features you need and that they perform exactly the way you want it.

Control investment
Prototyping is an excellent way to protect your software investments by setting accurate goals and predict a realistic deliverable schedules.

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